Bill O'Hara, land surveyor in Bastrop County, Texas

A 36 Year Track Record
of Experience and Knowledge

On June 1, 2016, Bill O’Hara started a private surveying consulting practice to call on his vast professional experience to focus on complex boundary surveys, land title issues, gradient boundary surveys, coastal boundary surveys, riparian and littoral boundary issues, and “official” surveys for submittal to the Texas General Land Office.

Bill O’Hara is in a uniquely qualified position to assist real property owners, attorneys, title companies, and real estate professionals in locating land boundaries, serving as a consulting expert, and remedying surveying related title issues.

Texas Licensed
since 1997

Texas Registered
Professional Land
since 1990

TSPS since 1987
NSPS since 2007

TSPS Surveyor of
the Year Award

List of Services

Land surveyors wading through TX stream with surveying equipment
State Land Surveying Services for patent, deeds of acquittance, vacancy applications
Gradient Boundary / Riparian Boundary Surveys
Consulting Services for Land Surveyors
TSPS Category 1A and 1B Boundary Surveys
ALTA Surveys
Farm and Ranch Boundary Surveys
Partitions and Subdivisions
General Land Office Archives Research
Consulting Expert for Litigation